New York Times review on Taverna 38 Greek restaurant

A decade ago, Greek restaurants on Long Island were casual places where you could grab a gyro or a Greek salad. Then came the wave of elegant venues with seafood displayed on beds of ice. Those fish were often priced by the pound, resulting in a bit of sticker shock when the bill arrived.

Taverna 38, which opened in Williston Park in early May, takes the middle ground. The restaurant is elegant, the service is top notch, the food is delicious and beautifully presented and, best of all, the prices are moderate.

The restaurant is a crisp-looking beauty: all white with a few blue accents. There is a white brick exterior with a blue awning and door. Inside, tables are white with a faint wood-grain pattern, most of the walls are white and the very comfortable chairs are outfitted in white leather. There is a row of long, multipaned windows, framed with diaphanous white and blue curtains, between the main dining room and the bar.

The owners of this promising new restaurant are John Alexopoulos and Claudio Peralta, who, between them, have decades of experience as waiters, headwaiters and maître d’s at high-end Manhattan establishments like Bouley, Molyvos and Picholine. The excellence of the service at Taverna 38 reflects their combined work histories.

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