Feel Like Greece in Little Greece, a Greek deli shop in Dubai!

Meet ‘Little Greece’, the first Greek deli in Middle East!

A few days ago, ‘Little Greece‘ opened its doors @ Al Barsha Mall in Dubai and started its ‘endless journey of flavours’. Here’s how the team presented their place @ Facebook:


“Little Greece” deli , is an authentic Greek taste shop, aiming to become a reference point of Greek products to the UAE. The principal philosophy behind “Little Greece” is that good quality products are the epitome of healthy, tasty cooking.

“Little Greece” aspires to familiarize gastronomy enthusiasts with the exquisite symmetry, simplicity and superiority of the 3,000 year old Greek food culture and deliver the superior quality, wealth and diversity of Greek gourmet products to connoisseurs throughout the UAE.

Greece is a blessed country with a plethora of fundamental ingredients that flourish in the perfect, Mediterranean climate.

Greece is also blessed with a wealth of “natural gourmet” products sourced from rich lands or the deep blue sea.
Natural products such as honey, olive oil, olives, saffron (Krokos), Mastiha, a great wealth of herbs, both fresh and dried, and avgotaraho (Greek caviar), as well as other seafood specialties.

It is the earthiness of the ingredients and the simplicity of processing that transforms individual ingredients into the most nutritious, healthy and tasty meals possible.

“Little Greece” is your quality source of exclusive Greek food products in the UAE.

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