Ipswich (USA)

Ithaki | Greek restaurant in Ipswich

25 Hammatt St, Ipswich, MA 01938, United States
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Feel like Greece @ Ithaki, a Greek restaurant in Ipswich, MA, USA!


“Ithaki Restaurant features modern Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of a quaint New England town. Owner Petros Markopoulos has created a refuge for homesick Greeks, discerning diners and casual nibblers alike. With its newly renovated dining room and expanded bar, Ithaki is a delight for the senses with a generous circular bar, lush banquettes, low couches and soft carpeting. Greek classics such as avgolemono soup and crisp falafel share space with seared Cape Ann haddock, beet salads, and house-made pastas.”


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