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Aristo’s | Greek restaurant in Salt Lake City

224 1300 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102, United States
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Feel like Greece @ Aristo’s, a Greek restaurant in Salt Lake City, USA!

“Greek food is so much more than gyros. Don’t get us wrong – There is something heavenly about the combination of tenderly seasoned meat wrapped in a warm, fluffy pita. But there’s more to Greek Cuisine than that. Growing up with Greek flavors, visiting the gorgeous mountains and sea scapes of my family’s ancestral home on the island of Crete, I discovered the difference of making simple food with the very best ingredients.

The notions of “Farm-to-table,” “hand-crafted,” and “artisan” have always been a part of Cretan cuisine. Simply seasoned with wild herbs, garden-grown produce, and the finest olive oil (made from olive trees that are 4,000 years old), the freshest seafood, meats, and homemade cheese make an enormous difference. That’s why we import the best Cretan olive oil to use in every single dish. We grind our own meat, we source the best seafood and we grow/ dry our own mint and greens…you get the idea.”


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