Effie’s Kitchen in Boston: Greek Food at its best

The sunny cuisine of Greece is having its moment. Celebrated chefs Jody Adams and Michael Schlow recently opened Greek-inspired places (Saloniki and Doretta Taverna, respectively). For decades in this area, if you wanted Greek home cooking, you could find it at a diner or small mom-and-pop, cooked by people serving the food of their native land.

One of the newest is the tiny Roslindale eatery Effie’s Kitchen, where Efthymia “Effie” Anastasiadis is cooking specialties from Thessaloniki, Greece, the city where she was raised.

Effie’s is essentially a takeout spot with carefully prepared food made to order. Once it goes into Styrofoam containers, things that are crisp when you eat in-house can be soggy by the time you get home, which doesn’t do justice to this very good food.

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