The Apollo’s Greek food arrives in Tokyo

The Apollo‘s Greek food has arrived in Tokyo and restaurateur Sam Christie leans across a dining table at The Apollo as he explains the kinship between Japanese and Greek cuisines. The delicacy of sushi appears to oppose everything we know of weighty Greek food — often laden with oregano, olive oil, lemon and feta — yet, says Christie, they do share a devotion to freshness, purity and traditional cooking techniques.

There’s a correlation between the simplicity and respect for produce in both Greek and Japanese food,” says the man behind The Apollo and Cho Cho San in Sydney, and Longrain in Sydney and Melbourne. “The quality of seafood, fruit and vegetables in Japan is incredible, and they have a tradition of barbecue, as we do in Greece.

Along with his business partner, chef Jonathan Barthelmess (they are both of Greek heritage), Christie has joined forces with Sadahiro Nakamura of Transit (the group who took Bill Granger’s eateries to Japan) to open The Apollo in the capital’s upmarket Ginza district.



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